Stand Up Paddleboards

Stand Up Paddle Boards, commonly known as SUP, are becoming more and more popular among the ocean and waterway explorers. These convenient buoyancy boards open up an entirely new world to surfing simply because they are not exclusively used for surfing waves. Exploring Florida’s waterways, wander into the ocean, play in the surf, and even strap on some scuba gear for a dive are just some of the many activities that SUP allows you to do. For many, this is a peaceful and nature binding activity to let the worries of the day lose, and for others, it serves as a fun adventure to share with family and friends.

Brownie’s Dive & Paddle features the widest selection of stand up paddleboards and accessories. From beginners to elite racers, we can meet all your paddle and board needs. We offer South Florida’s widest selection of boards, paddles, and accessories. Whether your desire is to rent a paddle board, buy or take a lesson, our knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly staff is here to help.


Boards and Paddles

Choosing the right stand up paddle board has as much to do with your paddleboarding skills, experience, and goals as it does with the kind of water you’ll primarily be on lake, canal, ocean, and surf. Boards that are good for one type of water condition and/or skill level may not be the best for another. We carry a variety of SUP board manufacturers so that we can help you match the ideal board to your needs and usage.

Which SUP is right for you? Some factors to take into account our experience, weight, and what you intend to do with your new SUP Board. If you just plan to cruise and paddle around flat waterways, the typical size board is going to be 10’10-11’10 with a classic longboard shape for stability. These are going to be the steadiest boards, and are the best fit for beginners with little experience. The next category introduces boards that are good for both surfing in the ocean and cruising flat water. These boards tend to run 9’10-10’10 and vary in shape and thickness. When it comes to surfing your SUP, the shorter the board the more maneuverable it is going to be. These boards are going to mimic traditional surfboards in shape but have the buoyancy to allow you to stay standing and paddle back out through the surf to the lineup. SUP boards that are made to surf are going to be lighter have less mass than cruising boards. The difference between traditional surfing and SUP, however, is the paddle in hand. The way you measure your paddle length is to hold up your arm, bend at the wrist, and that is where the handle of the paddle should be.

What are they made of? The materials for both boards and paddles range all the way from plastic and inflatable boards to those made with Epoxy resin, carbon fiber, wood, and fiberglass. What makes each board unique is the technique used to put all these materials together. The main construction techniques are EPS Epoxy and the PVS sandwich methods, which is where the price point is derived from. For more pricing and details, visit our store Brownie’s Dive and Paddle where we have a wide inventory to browse for the perfect Stand Up Paddleboard for you!

You will find stand up paddle boards for:

  • All round use
  • Surf Performance
  • Touring
  • Fitness/Yoga
  • Racing