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Brownie’s Dive & Paddle is the factory-sponsored for Brownie’s Third Lung, Halcyon and platinum Scubapro dealer.

If you are looking for scuba diving gear or for surface supplied air systems, our friendly staff can help you get what you’re looking for. Most of our products can be shipped worldwide!

Brownie’s Dive & Paddle is a full-service dive shop ready to outfit you with all your equipment diving needs! You’ll find Scubapro Buoyancy Compensators, Regulators, Computers, Wetsuits, Fins, Masks, Instruments, Computers, Snorkels, Gloves, Hoods, Boots, Pole Spears, Clothing, and Accessories.

Featuring the widest selection of Stand Up Paddleboards and Accessories. Rent, buy or take a lesson, our friendly staff is here for you.

Need your tanks refilled?
Come experience the return to Full-Service Dive Shops with our “Tank Valet™”.

We welcome you to stop in and see our showroom, a new level of waterports interaction

Brownie’s Third Lung

Brownie’s Floating Hookah Diving Systems offer the
freedom to dive when and where you want without the use of conventional scuba equipment. By replacing bulky scuba tanks and traditional buoyancy compensators with Brownie’s Drop Weight Cummerbelt™ and float-mounted compressor, divers can enjoy hours of fun exploring the underwater world


The dive’s the thing. We make the gear that we know will make our diving better. The process begins with designing, testing, and refining; making it better in the process, never settling for “good enough.” It is knowing as opposed to guessing. It’s about having such high standards and expectations in how we want our products to perform that we are relentless in our pursuit of perfection.


SCUBAPRO first appeared in the scuba diving world in the early 1960′s. It was guided by two men, Gustav Dalla
Valle and Dick Bonin. They brought to the market many innovations for diving that are still being used today. After 40 years the fin is still popular with technical and military divers worldwide and is one of the most copied scuba products ever sold.